This is me.

Dr. Nils Hallermann

Having studied both economy and law, I comprehensively advise in commercial as well as contractual opportunities and challenges.

I have 15 years of experience in commercial law and contractual negotiations inter alia as corporate counsel for a DAX-listed global company. My customer base ranges from aspiring start-ups to long-established international corporations.

Besides developing clear contractual wording to minimize legal risk and maximize contractual rights, I am very familiar with challenging business plans, company valuations and business cases.

Having worked in large international companies in both business and legal environments, I am accustomed with e.g. procurement and sales departments of global corporations, and able to achieve high goals in negotiations.

I am driven by an entrepreneurial mindset and my advising approach is characterized by a solution-oriented, open-minded and hands-on mentality.

You have to differently negotiate in different parts of this globe. With exceptional experience in international and inter-cultural negotiations, we can jointly define your negotiation strategy, exploit room for negotiation, and gain momentum for you and your business.


  • University degree in business
  • University degree in law
  • German attorney-at-law
  • Along business studies working at international bank
  • PhD in law


  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Commercial negotiations and international project business
  • Individual contract drafting
  • ~10 yrs corporate counsel at DAX-listed company

How do I work?

My mission is to enable my clients to reach innovative solutions and business success within dynamic environments while strengthening long-term trustful customer relationships.

Entepreneurial spirit

solution oriented | business approach

Trustful relationships

discrete | loyal | reliable

Innovative and open-minded

intercultural | hands-on | pragmatic

How can I help?

Legal advice

Commercial consultancy

Trainings and seminars